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My name is Elena and I’m from Russia, but since 2002 India has been a large part of my life. I consider myself an ‘orientalist’ of sort, I speak Hindi and I am passionate about everything that India has to offer.

My journey in India began when the realization of learning Hindi was what I wanted. Learning Hindi was not just a hobby for me — I chose Hindi and oriental studies as major at Moscow State University. People often ask why I decided to learn Hindi and the answer is still not clear to me. Actually, at the moment of taking this life changing decision, I knew nothing about India, absolutely nothing. I had never seen even one Indian movie or read a single book about or from India. There was a deep feeling that India was a country full of myths, miracles and mysteries; a country of everlasting search for the Truth. First time when I travelled to India in 2004 (While I was a Junior at the University) I knew that my heart didn’t betray me and I have not ever regretted my choice since.

From then on I started to go to India almost every year —that was a delightful time spent; a flow of new places, events, people and adventures. It was very interesting to communicate with Indians and my Hindi knowledge was certainly very helpful and it also improved a lot. There was a sudden deep insights appearing beyond the outer veil of colors and emotions and as more time passed I could feel these emotions more clearly. While in India, one naturally makes discoveries not only in the external reality, but also in the inner.

In the spring of 2010 I made a decision to go to India for ‘as long as I could’ and ever since I am still here:) Most of my time is split between India and Nepal — and now, I have fallen in love with Nepal as well. I have travelled to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri-Lanka, Bhutan and Tibet since my first time in India. All are brilliant in their own ways, but sooner or later I start missing India and always return back. India, for me, is always full of wandering and wondering, and it truly is amazing how India is full of surprises every time I go there.

Plunging into the magic and mysteries of this land I thought about my family and friends — I felt an urge to share my joy and the discoveries I have made with them. But, as it happens, close ones from Russia did not rush to join me. Only my courageous mom with a few of her adventurous friends came here several times and I enjoyed guiding them around. Consequently, my friends started come to join me in India and my help was much appreciated and from these experiences the word spread to their friends and that is how the idea of organizing tours was born.

I generally work with small groups of people — under 8 — so we can be more flexible, mobile and to have real opportunities to plunge even deeper into the tour, to talk to locals and ask questions. This way we could enjoy each other’s company even more and become better friends.

I create special tour programs choosing unique places off the beaten track — these are places that I love to go to myself. I’m also ready to help you in choosing a route of your choice and making a tailored program for you.

Services I provide
— Budget small group tours.
— Individual tours for a tailored program.
— ‘First days’ help if you need some advice on your first independent trip to India or Nepal.

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