Naga houses in Mon province, Nagaland


The houses are usually large and are divided into 2 sections each of which would have a fireplace. One section can be described as common area where everyone can enter and spend time as they wish. The other section is for the family. Family kitchen and bedrooms (if they are separate) are located here. This is where women reign and entrance here is restricted. All of the following photos are taken in the common section of the house. One can see fascinating wood carving work. It's not found in all the houses, only in wealthy ones. They're also decorated with buffalo sculls — to indicate the social position of the family. If they cut a buffalo it means they have shared it with other families which they can afford.


Inside the house of the Chui village chief, Mon province, Nagaland.



Inside the house of the Longwa village chief, Mon province, Nagaland.


Many-decked shelves alike are hung above the fireplace. They're used to dry and smoke corn, meat, and other useful day-to-day goodies: baskets, ropes, bamboo sticks used for making tea and stewing pork. And on this special shelf one can notice a couple of small animals' sculls. Probably, for the sheer sake of decoration)))


Some everyday life scenes: hunting a bear with a dog (resembling a pig more), chopping off a buffalo's head, a flying fox, hovering enemies' sculls from a neighboring village, snakes, lizards, tigers and more sculls...


And more life scenes. A woman's running with a basket carrying root vegetables. A brave man's riding I don't know what. A man's aiming at a tiger under the watchful eyes of a snake and a heron're luckily not being the prey at the moment. In the upper part of the composition one can see a fireplace and a smoking shelf above it. A woman (assumption made by the hair and butt shape) is holding a bamboo pot for tea and a man's holding an opium smoking pipe. Work done — have your fun!


A fine example of intercultural fusion the Naga way. That's pretty much a reflection of the hearts and souls of the local people.

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