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trip → Miracle Land of Gujarat in November 2017

Ahmedabad — Patan — Modhera — Bhuj — The Great Rann of Kutch — Mandvi — Dwarka — Junagadh — Sasan Gir — Somnath — Diu — Palitana — Ahmedabad

 October 28 — November 11, 2017  
Gujarat is a hidden gem of India, where almost no foreign tourists go. This is the homeland of probably the most famous Indian in the world — Mahatma Gandhi and also the current Prime-Minister of India — Narendra Modi. This is the land where the civilization flourished for more than 5000 years. The land where Krishna used to rule, where the most ancient and magnificent temples of Somnath and Dwarakadish attract pilgrims even today. The largest salt desert in the world, The Great Rann of Kutch, is located here as well. There are austere mosques, white marshmallow Jain temples and fascinating step-wells with bás-relief covered galleries vanishing in the distance. Asiatic lions, crocodiles, wild donkeys and blackbucks. Bright coloured textiles and heavy embroidery of the Kutch tribes. These are two unforgettable weeks in the land of miracles!

--- Play hide-and-seek, frighten the bats and watch the details of the bas-reliefs in the passageways of Gujarati baoli-step wells in Ahmedabad, Patan and Junagadh.
--- Enjoy tribal dance at the Great Rann of Kutch.
--- Climb the sacred mountain of Jains along with hundreds of pilgrims in Palitana.
--- Drive the empty roads of the ex-Portugese colony Diu on a scooter and swim in the Arabian Sea.
--- Track lions in the national park of Sasan Gir.
--- Pray to Shiva in the temple of Somnath and to Krishna in the capital of his ancient kingdom Dwarka.
--- Walk around the shops with beautiful ethnic textiles in Bhuj.
--- Feel the glowing eternity of the salt desert under the full moon at the Great Rann of Kutch
--- Drink strong milk tea from the saucers Gujarati style.
--- Indulge in the delicious sweet Gujarati thali)).

Itinerary with photos and price

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