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To welcome the God at one's home


One of these days Vashisht and Shiva — the gods from Vashisht village, Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh — were invited to visit one of the village families at their home. An ordinary family invited the gods for a puja as a thank you for making their wish come true (nobody said what wish though). In the evening they arranged a feast for all the village, everyone was invited. So I went too.

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Once upon a time in Nagaland


Once we were taking photos of the kids jumping over a horizontal bar in a Nagaland village. They were really good at it. It was the first time I saw children playing such a game. A group of men approached us. The usual conversation began — what is your name, where are you from... Have you seen how the naga people smoke opium? No, we haven't. Do you want to see it?! Why not))


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A Naga Man about Women


— The problems start when the woman starts earning money, — said our local guide at Longwa village in Nagaland, that is right next to the Indian border with Myanmar. He is a pleasant young guy, well-educated. He came to this village from the town and teaches English at the local school. Then he dwells on the topic how a man is the the head of the family and a woman should sit at home and keep silence. I tried to reason with him that it's not like that everywhere, that there used to be matriarchy. Even now, for example, in Bhutan, women are the owners of the land and when they get married it is a man who moves in to live with his wife's family. My friend got angry and obviously didn't believe me. What I didn't know is that the described social order is a norm in the neighboring Meghalaya state...

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