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Wandering around North-East India in December 2016


December 2016 was marked by the third tour to the 'wild' North-East India. The group was very composed and we were able to do everything as planned and even more:) We had a lot of beautiful moments. We wandered into a distant village on Majuli island where local people literally ran to see us; an elephant was assisting his family to cross the road in Kaziranga National Park; we were lucky to reach an old palace near Shivsagar right before the sunset and had just enough time to explore the labyrinths of rooms inside — that was the first time the group had enough time to make it that far! It was also the first time for my group to see the tea factory while operation — unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photos inside but I will remember that wonderful tea smell forever. I liked Shivadol temple in the morning and a talk to the pandit there. I liked the amazing sunrises on Majuli island and also our bamboo huts at the pond in the paddy fields. And an ancient temple ruins we saw on the way to Nagaland. A merry crowd at the Hornbill festival. And I remember the faces of my ladies at the market in Shillong — they finally satisfied their passion for exotic things and strong desire to 'be closer to the people'))) Lastly we were welcomed to the amazing landscapes of Meghalaya. One of the ladies separated from us here for an individual 2 day journey I prepared for her. The rest 4 of us went trekking into a canyon near Cherrapunji. These places are some of the best discoveries of my traveling life. I was happy to share this beautiful experience with you!

P.S. I have to admit, this tour was not easy for me — because of the notorious money reform in India started in November, because of misfortunes and accidents in the lives of the people close to me. But during the hard times one finds real friends (or realizes that some of the friends are real people, worthy people whom one can rely on
). It was my great luck to see that I have many good friends! I'm very grateful to them. Thanks to them I could settle the troubles beforehand and I with my group didn't face any money issues during our tour. Everything went very well!

More photos here!

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